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Don't Focus on the Scale!

Today I was big mad at the scale. Like big mad.

For weeks I’ve been tracking all my food, making sure I was moving daily, and drinking ALL the water. Now I will admit that every day wasn’t perfect, there was a vacation in there, and I had a few days where I ate like a trash panda. So why hasn’t the scale moved?!

All our lives we are told that the number on the scale is what matters. Doctors talk about our weight from the time we’re born. While weight is an important measure, especially when you’re growing and developing. This is not the end all be all measurement of someone’s health, but body weight is one thing used to tell us how healthy we are.

Society has even ingrained it that women must be small and men must be big. This is a huge over simplification of some very complicated issues but I don’t have the time or the expertise to really dive into that statement.

Society has come leaps and bounds when it comes to these views with a whole body positivity movement that has emerged from social media. At the same time social media has made my earlier statement even more real with eating disorders on the rise. It’s so easy to fall into the compassion trap of I wish I looked like this person or that person.

We end up losing sight of who we are and what our bodies can do. I am just as guilty of that as the next person. I usually need something to remind me of how far I’ve come. I was always the big kid starting in elementary school. It was something about me I claimed early in order to guard myself for when kids made fun of me. Even now all these years later my first instinct is to be like well I’m the fat kid. While I’m still on the heavier side, I really am not the fat kid my mind still thinks I am.

How do I reconcile what my brain things and what reality is? The easiest way to get my brain to behave is using photos. Comparing where I was before I started my fitness journey to where I am today. That’s what I had to do today when I was big mad at the scale. I had to remind myself that it’s just a number. Having that visual reminder does wonders to help me see what I’ve accomplished.

While your weight is a number you should be mindful of there are other things to help us track our progress. How do I look? How do my clothes feel? How are my workouts going? Have my body measurements changed?

The scale might not always be moving but other things are. As long as we’re continually striving to be 1% better, as Chelsea says, the changes will come.

Blog Credit to My amazing client Jenn!! Thank you for sharing and being a rock star even on the hard times!!

Jenn is 35 years old. She is a full time wife, mom of two and corporate worker. She is very involved in her community and it evening starting a book club. She uses the moments to give in to her excuses as strengths. Her journey is one many people can relate to. I am thank she was able to share this amazing blog!!


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